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Rose Consumer Law represents consumers throughout California who have been sued or harassed by credit card debt collectors and their attorneys, or who already have judgments against them for credit card debt. We also negotiate credit card debt relief
If you are a California Consumer who has been sued over a credit card or has been harassed by a debt collector; if you need assistance with credit card debt settlement; or, with vacating or negotiating a judgment against you, you can click one of the links above to learn more about how we can help. Further if you are not sure whether or not Bankruptcy may be the best solution, we can advise you. You can tell us about your case and we will respond promptly with our evaluation of your case and some suggestions about possible next steps for you. Or you can get a FREE consultation by providing your contact information in the form to the right. You can also call us toll free.


Our Goals

       We want you to be completely satisfied with our representation. We want you with complete confidence to refer to us anyone you know who needs our help.  We want you to be totally impressed with the results we get for you, and also with our ability to listen and understand you. And we want you to feel respected and well-treated.
We want you to join our list of satisfied clients and to add your testimonial to those on this site. And, with all this in mind, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, we want you to get through the challenges you are facing and to feel confident and optimistic about your future.
If we can do all this, I’ll be satisfied we’ve done some pretty good consumer lawyering.
                                                                                                                                                       Bill Rose.
                                                                                                                                                       (877) 551-0210

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